Through community development efforts, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of the key areas of focus here at The Society for Financial Awareness, and a source of much success for our nonprofit organization. Feel free to get in touch with us and lets discuss how we may be able to implement a financial seminar/webinar series for your organization today. Click on the "Contact" button above, or scroll down to view financial topics.


Broad Topic Examples

  Getting Fiscally Fit

  •  Basic principles of cash management.

  •  Roadblocks to financial success.

  •  Accumulating wealth.

  •  The importance of having a financial blueprint.

  •  Locating & maximizing discretionary income.

  Asset Allocation & Modern Portfolio Theory

  • Planning your investments against interest rate, inflation, and market risks.

  • Planning that you don't outlive your money.

  • Utilizing Asset Allocation to plan to meet your short, mid, and long term goals.

  • Putting the financial pieces in place.

  Understanding Roth IRAs

  •  Learn the difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA

  •  Understand tax benefits

  •  Determine how much of your existing IRA you should convert

  •  Maximizing financial aid

  •  Learn why now is a good time

  Social Security Explained

  •  Learn the type of benefits you are able to receive

  •  Difference between full retirement age and delayed retirement

  •  When and how to file for benefits

  •  Retirement planning strategies

  •  Survivor benefits explained

  •  Understanding taxation of benefits

  Investing Basics for Women

  •  Know yourself - identifying your characteristics.

  •  Some of the risks and returns of investing.

  •  Budgeting and debt management.

  •  The different types of investments.

  •  Planning for your retirement.

  Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market

  •  The U.S. Economy is heating up, learn how to grow your money wisely.

  •  Why "down" markets create investment "opportunities" for the wise investor.

  •  The "cash flow" eliminator, spending before planning is "terminal" to investing.

  •  Do you know what you're doing when you invest?

  Exploring Options for a Quality Retirement

  • How to establish retirement goals

  • How to create an income distribution plan to protect yourself from running out of money in retirement

  • How to protect assets from market risk and volatility

  • Learn how you can know exactly when you can retire and how much you can spend every month in retirement

  • Understand benefits of Roths and IRAs